Is Your School
Website everything
you need it to be?

Chameleon Logic
provides a service, not a system

We provide you with both the website and the support you need to ensure it remains a vital link between your school and your community.


How we design?

We will produce for you a modern user-friendly website, designed to be viewed via the multitude of devices at the fingertips of today's families.

How it works?

We allow your staff to produce real content in a format that suits them. Whether that be text, images, audio or video.

How we help?

We provide the time, tools and tech know-how to deliver that content quickly to your website.



A school's website is an important communication tool between Students, Parents, Teachers and the Community. Is your school's website current, do you find it difficult to keep your school's website up to date and well maintained? There is only one thing worse than not having a website and that is having an outdated website..

design & maintenance

Feedback from all our schools indicates that a major issue with previous sites has been the requirement for constant updates. This task often falls on already time challenged staff or those who are not knowledgeable in the usage of the required website technologies. We provide both a construction and maintenance service for a school's website.


Changes can be forwarded to us via email or web links and as such locality is not an issue. Requested changes can be made as often as required by the client and it is our goal to provide this service within a 24 to 48 hour period (depending on the size of the change).

school website pack

Our current school website pack is priced from $1580 and features:

  • Individualised Home page template
  • Individualised Content page template
  • No Maximum Number of pages
  • Includes initial Full Term’s maintenance
Ongoing maintenance from $380 per quarter

Regular Changes?

Updates can include:

  • Newsletters and Parent Information uploads
  • Term Planners
  • Footy tipping results
  • Event page creation with information and Pics/Video/Audio
  • Class Pages
  • Parents & Friends Pages
In most cases you are only limited by your imagination.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping to bring your school's website to its full potential.

Who Are We?

Geoff Lockwood

Chameleon Logic

As parents of 3 school aged children we understand the convenience of being able to go online and access the latest information from our children's school, whether it be the lost permission slip, the latest newsletter, or an up to date canteen menu. Chameleon Logic provides a Web Design service to an increasing number of schools within Western Australia, and a maintenance program to ensure the website is up to date and current.

Yvonne Lockwood

Contact Details

For a competitive price we can help bring your school's website to its full potential.